Sunday, December 23, 2007

How to Begin

I googled that phrase cause I thought there might be a poem or something out there that might infuse a little flair into this, this blog's inaugural post, but no such luck. The second search result was indeed something on "How to Begin to Write," but I didn't bother reading it since it looks like the common difficulty it addresses is quite different than the problem of selecting the topic that will hopefully get one's blog off on the right foot. (Or should it be the left foot? If I recall my marching orders from my long-ago military days rightly, the left foot is the one you and everyone else wanted to lead off with to avoid catastrophic trippings in the formation. Starting off on the left foot would moreover seem particularly appropriate here, because I consider myself ideologically to be on the very far left, rightly understood, and I want to disabuse any potential right-leaning readers of impressions to the contrary caused by the righty connotations that talk of "natural law" for some reason commonly carries. On the other hand, rather perversely, I like to describe myself as being on the far left because, despite the precision and accuracy of that label when ascribed to me, it's highly likely to mislead liberals as to my true intentions.)

I trust that the background political philosophy of this blog will be fairly clear from the Recommended Reading section and other materials herein: it's libertarianism, or rather left libertarianism. On the other hand, the natural law also implies a personal ethics (think Stoicism, with its aversion to wanting things and to other forms of loose-living), to which I also subscribe, and which is commonly thought of as "socially-conservative." This may all seem like an odd hodge-podge of beliefs to you, but it all seems perfectly clear and simple to me.

Future posts will be more straightforward.